One-on-One Coaching
Remote Training

Work one-on-one with me to reach your goals! I will personally create an individualized diet and exercise program for you that is altered as you progress based on your performance and feedback. Goals are specific to what YOU want to achieve and these metrics are measured over time to ensure progress! All programs are delivered via google sheets excel format which allows me to see your data in REAL TIME!

What will I need to view my program?
Your programming will be shared with you via google sheets. This may require a gmail account and Microsoft excel. You may download the Google Sheets app on your phone to input your training data for your coach to see in real-time. Similarly, you will be able to see any amendments made to the program by your coach immediately.

How do I communicate with my coach?
You will communicate with your coach primarily via e-mail. There is no limit or time constraint to how often or when you may contact your coach. They are your resource to use for the duration of your program!

For more complex topics, you will also be given a link in which you could schedule a time to chat on the phone

What will my program Look like?
The Excel document will have multiple tabs.

The “Calendar” tab is a birds-eye view of the program. This will show a color coded calendar that highlights all the time frames you will be training, massing, cutting, peaking, and/or resting.
The “Workout” tab is simple. Exercises will be written for you and YouTube videos provided in the notes section in case you are unfamiliar with the video. You will follow the exercises, sets, and weight that are written, and you write in the number of reps achieved for each set. At the end of the week there is a fatigue scale to fill out which will directly influence how much I push you with this program! There is more detailed instruction on this page as well.
If applicable, the “Diet” tab is next. This gives you a super detailed breakdown of the macros that I want you to eat and when. I do not ask for 100% compliance, but you do at least have to hit your calorie and protein goals for the day with minimal error. there is an area to plug these numbers in.
The “Examples” tab will give you insight onto what foods fall into each macro-nutrient categories.
The “Stats” tab is where you record your AM body weight. This also has areas for you to track your sleep, body fat percentage, and report general comments.
I’m sold! What’s next?
After Purchase you will be sent an e-mail and prompted to download a questionnaire. You will be instructed to send the completed questionnaire back to me via e-mail along with a start-up photo. I will be in contact with you from there to ask and/or answer any questions and to send you your initial program.

Diet Tab

The “Diet” Tab contains everything you need to meet your nutrition goals, including the time of day you should eat, what macro-nutrients your meals should consist of and what your nutritional priorities should be. Your total calories are calculated for you. There is space below to input the macros of each meal to match the recommended diet above. This enables you to see which macros you have yet to reach and how many calories you’ll need to meet the end-of-day goal.

Workout Tab

The Workout Tab has exercises chosen specifically for you to meet your goals. Sets and weight is chosen and YOU input the reps in each column. This is one of the data points that I use to dictate the parameters for next weeks workout!

Weight Tab

AM weights are recorded and entered on the “Weight” tab. These data points immediately populate on a graph to visualize our progress. This lets me know if the diet or exercise needs to be amended.

Calendar Tab

This tab shows a color-coded birds-eye view of your program built specifically for you!