Training Templates

Looking for training templates backed by science to help reach your goals? Look no further. Download these training templates and start making progress NOW!
No fads. No gimmicks. Just results!
I’m sold! What’s next?
After purchase you will be sent an e-mail and prompted to download the training program. Once you have it downloaded you may start immediately!

How long does each template last?
Each template takes you through THREE MONTHS of training and may be used unlimited times!

What will I need to view my program?
Your program will be downloaded as an excel file. This may require Microsoft excel.

Does this product come with personalized coaching?
No. These are training templates designed to create progress towards a general goal. If you are interested in 1-on-1 personalized coaching and programming, click here!

Click the “Weight” tab to input your AM body weight. As you enter your data points, you will see a graph with a regression line to visualize any fluctuations, or general trends in your body weight.
The following week’s data will populate and be determined based on your performance. Type your reps into the reps column to see if you should increase the weight for the next week!
You can choose your own exercises from a drop down menu based on personal preference or the current equipment you have available. Each exercise has its own clickable YouTube link to allow you to visualize the exercise and emulate correct form!
At the beginning of each month you get to calculate your 1 rep max for your main lifts to visualize your progress and to determine your starting weights for the next cycle.