Rehab Templates

Not local to the Charlotte area, but still experiencing some aches, pains, or movement dysfunction? Or perhaps you just want to give this a shot yourself? Not to worry! Download one of our Rehab Templates where you can follow a structured program that is created to address the main impairments with your specific injury!
I’m sold! What’s next?
After purchase you will be sent an e-mail and prompted to download the Rehab Template. Once you have it downloaded you may start immediately!

Do I have to discontinue my training?
No! This program is designed to be dove tailed with your current strength and conditioning work. Instruction is given on the first page as to how to progress with your current program.

Should I see a healthcare provider for my injury?
Absolutely! This product is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. This is simply an athletes guide to navigating their training pain-free by managing common impairments.

Does this product come with personalized coaching?
No. These are training templates designed to create progress towards a general goal. If you are interested in 1-on-1 personalized coaching and programming, click here!

Each Rehab template comes complete with instruction, patient education, and a list of directories in which you can find the appropriate provider near you for more help.
Exercises are color coded so you’ll always know when to perform each exercise and for what purpose. Your rehab is designed to be dove-tailed with your current strength and conditioning work.
Each impairment has a drop down menu of multiple exercises that achieve a similar result in case you are limited by pain or access to equipment. Each exercise has it’s own video YouTube link for you to watch and emulate correct form!
Rehab Templates address the MOST COMMON impairments seen in those with your injury. Each week, exercises are scaled to be more difficult or more aggressive in order to yield more results!